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September 27, 2013:
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UV Feature

Many movies now come in combo packs with Blu-ray, DVD, and Ultraviolet available, so you can use your UV ID on all your devices.

What is the UV Player?

One Movie, Multiple Devices

The UV player lets you watch a movie in your Ultraviolet Digital Movie Locker on multiple devices. For example, you could buy a movie, which gives you a special Token number, and that number allows you to stream the film to specialized DVD players, internet television sets, smartphones, laptops, and tablets including the Apple iPad. Even though you can watch the movie on any of these players, you still only paid for it once. Better yet, is a new device comes out tomorrow, as long as it supports the UV format you can use it too!

Notes and Special Information

Special note: The popularity of the ultraviolet video format is going to be contingent on how well the format is adopted by studios and digital content providers.