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April 25, 2011:
Article. Right now we can't find a UV downlad site .


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UV Player Download sites are all over the internet, but for best results you should go to the source for the best possible download. Once you buy an Ultraviolet Movie Token, that gives you the right to stream that movie to your smartphone, DVD player, Internet HDTV, laptop, tablet, iPod, iPhone, or other device that has the UV format enabled. By giving you the right to show your movie irregardless of the technology, for the rest of your life, the motion picture and digital entertainment industry is making it possible to keep your format from going obsolete. For example, people who bought VHS movies may have bought them again on DVD, then on Blu-Ray, but this would not be a problem with an Ultraviolet movie because it would be watchable on today's devices and similar devices in the future.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: The Ultraviolet Video Format is still new but it is designed to work on just about any device that plays movies, so you can buy a film once and see it anywhere.